SCEM Technical Overview


The School currently maintains computer laboratories at its Campbelltown, Parramatta and Penrith sites. All of the School’s computers are linked to the university’s computing network, and via that, to the Internet. In order to use the School’s computer equipment, students must register for a computer account with the School. The School only provides computer accounts to those students enrolled in courses or subjects taught by the School.

Account Registration
A SCEM computer account is automatically created for all new SCEM students before the start of each semester. If you have not received an email regarding your SCEM computer account, you can create one by logging into one of the School’s laboratory PCs as register (password register), and following the directions on screen. Once you register, your account details (username, password & information on how you can change your password) will be emailed to your Western Sydney University email account. You can check your stduent email via

Computer Laboratories and Assistance
6.G.01 – PC lab
6.G.18 – Specialist lab for networking units
6.G.19 – Mac lab
Hours of operation: 9am – 6pm Monday – Friday during semester.
Assistance: Rooms 26.1.31 & 26.1.32 (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday)
Telephone: 02 4620 3510

EB.1.30 – PC lab
EB.1.31 – Specialist lab for networking units
EB.1.46 – PC Lab
EB.1.47 – Mac Lab
EB.1.48 – PC lab
EB.1.50 – Mac lab
Hours of operation: 8am – 10pm Monday – Friday during semester.
Assistance: Room EB.1.49 during semester (8am – 8pm Monday to Friday), room ER.G.15 (9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday) out of semester.
Telephone: 02 9685 9250

Y.1.08 – Specialist lab for networking units
Y.1.15 – PC lab
Y.2.27 – Mac lab
Y.2.28 – Open access PC lab
Y.2.41 – PC lab
Y.2.42 – PC lab
Z.G.52 – Mac lab
XA.1.03 – PC lab
XB.1.02 – PC lab
Hours of operation: 9am – 10pm Monday – Friday during semester. Weekend access (9am – 5pm) by request (email with the subject line “Penrith Weekend Access”).
Assistance: Room Y.2.36 (9am – 6pm Monday to Friday), room Y.1.06 (9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday) out of semester.
Telephone: 02 4736 0773

All laboratories are closed on public holidays, and selected laboratories are open 9am – 6pm during university holidays.

The School’s technical support staff can also be contacted via email at

Note on assistance
The School’s technical support staff will endeavour to assist you as quickly as possible, however they do have to prioritise their work. This means that they might not be able to help you straight away, as a more urgent matter may need their attention. You can help minimise the load on the school’s technical support staff by reading the School’s online documentation on School’s Student Support page and by using the tools there.

Please also note that the School’s technical support staff cannot answer questions about the systems provided by Information Technology and Digital Services (this includes email passwords and access to ITDS laboratories!)

Your password is the key to your computer account, and so to preserve the integrity of your account, your password:

  • Must be at least eight (8) characters in length and at most sixteen (16) characters in length. Those characters can be letters, numbers, or punctuation marks of some kind.
  • Must not be one of your last ten (10) passwords.
  • Should not be a word, a phone number, a name, a place, or anything else easily guessed by others.
  • should contain non-alphanumeric characters eg. & , . / ; ‘ % # etc.

A good method of selecting a password is to use the beginning letters of a phrase, and put punctuation in it. That way you will remember it, and you will not have to write it down.

For example: Ilegeah! for “I like eating green eggs and ham!”.

Keep in mind that a system only knows you via your account password. Anyone who captures your password has whatever system privileges and access to data that you do. The vast majority of system penetrations occur through carelessness or through trickery. Never run any program whose origin you are not absolutely certain – in addition to doing what it purports, it could also silently make a way for someone to masquerade as you and gain access to the system using your account. You should never go away and leave a logged-in computer.

You should change your password before the end of each semester as passwords expire after 6 months. It is highly recommended that you change your password before it expires as once your password has expired you will be unable to log in. You will then have to contact the School’s technical staff and ask to have your password changed (please bring your student ID card with you). To change your password, go to the Student Support page.

Rules and Guidelines on the use of Computing and Network Facilities at Western Sydney University
Every student who uses the University’s computing facilities must read
, as this explains what is considered unacceptable behaviour whilst using the University computers. Penalties for breaching these rules can be quite severe (including suspension from University for up to three semesters!).